About our Grazing Tables


 What is a Grazing Table? 

Created for a larger crowd, our luxury Grazing Tables are "The Mother of all Cheeseboards!" Traditionally set-up as a light graze, we offer additional items such as shrimp, sushi and smoked salmon platters, sandwich bars, fruit and vegetable arrangements, chocolate fountains, small bites and much more to provide a fuller meal. Our elaborate set-ups not only create a jaw-dropping centerpiece, but serve the larger purpose of feeding you and your guests.  

Why choose a Grazing Table?

Food is a fantastic way to celebrate any occasion. Our self serve tables allow you and your guests to explore together, creating a unique dining experience. Variety is ESSENTIAL to our tables, leaving you with endless pairings that will surely delight every palette. Our set-ups are also designed to be very low maintenance, with an easy set-up/break down.


Base Packages starting at:
-30-40 guests: $533
-50-60 guests: $782
-80-90 guests $1,133
-100-150 guests $1,853

Prices are subject to change depending on customization. Prices stated above do not include tax.