Frutus Isle Cheeseboard


-Variety of Seasonal/Local Cheeses

- Variety of Charcuterie

-Local Produce

-Assorted Nuts

-Assorted Pickled Veggies

-Seasonal Fruit

-Chocolate covered Strawberries

-Assorted Crackers

-Local honey

-Sweet Berry Jam

-Local berry baguette

Small boards will come with three cheeses and three meats.

Medium boards will come with four cheeses and four meats.

Large boards will come with five cheeses and five meats.

All sized boards will come with all products listed above.

Available in On-The-Go Boxes Small: 2 guests $60.00 Large: 4-6 guests $120.00 Please contact us for custom boards and boxes.

Frutus Isle

  • Free delivery throughout Knoxville, Tennessee. Shipping will require additional fees, along with specific instructions on un-packaging our products for they will not be set-up traditionally due to shipping requirements.

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